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The value of experience. The courage to innovate.

The strength of our company know-how together with new technologies and attention to the customer allow us to offer a complete range of tarpaulin systems for agricultural and industrial vehicles and for storage tanks. We are able to operate on the international market as partner with road transport operators and leading manufacturers of trailers and semi-trailers.

Areas of application

Cramaro solutions have been developed to increase productivity and safety in the trucking sector. Custom designed to meet specific needs, our tarpaulin systems are used in agricultural contexts, quarries, construction sites or ecological centres. They can be adapted to different types of vehicles - flatbed vehicles, walking-floors, trilateral, bilateral and rear tippers, roll-off containers and storage tanks.

Operating systems

Our tarpaulin systems can be manually, electrically or hydraulically operated using winding or folding technology. The most suitable solution is chosen based on your needs and the vehicle characteristics on which the tarpaulin is to be installed.

Automation and connectivity

Systems with automatic operation, electrical or hydraulic movement, can be conveniently operated by remote control, or by smartphone using the MyCramaro app. The tarpaulin can be moved by the operator from the ground in full safety and with the installation of the app it is always connected to your smartphone.

Design and materials

Cramaro systems are designed to ensure maximum efficiency, speed and safety of use, with consideration for an elegant look. For this reason, we select quality materials that can lend lightness and strength to the structure and we study ad hoc design solutions that guarantee minimum bulk and maximum aerodynamics. The same level of care is reserved for the tarpaulin constructed with quality materials and in response to specific needs: Double-coated PVC, self-extinguishing ADR PVC, technical fabric for transporting asphalt, PVC mesh and the special multilayer fabric for thermal insulation of the load.

Advantages of our tarpaulin systems

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