We have been challenging technology and innovation since 1995.

Artisan workmanship. Advanced technology.

In 1995, we developed and patented the first tarpaulin system with a supporting structure and movement technology. Since then we have never stopped challenging technology and innovation while always remaining true to our history and our values.

Research and development

Our internal research and development team continuously studies new engineering solutions and new products for increasing the efficiency and safety of existing systems and to respond to new market needs. The engineering team works in close collaboration with our sales network to understand the needs of the customer and operates in both the technical office and shop to study products both conceptually and practically.

Product testing

New materials, new technology, new systems. Before becoming available on the market, each new concept undergoes rigorous testing by our engineers. Testing complies with national, European and International technical standards to evaluate the performance of materials and components as well as construction safety, resistance to stress and durability of the finished products.


Innovation is at the heart of our products and our work. Along with traditional machinery, our production facilities are equipped with cutting-edge machinery and equipment. This lets us offer high quality products and services like design and construction precision, electronic order tracking, product registration with serial number.

Made in Italy quality

We are an international company, but Made in Italy quality is essential for us. We carefully select materials and components and give preference to local suppliers and know-how.


We utilize new technologies and work with a view toward continuous innovation, but we have not abandoned the craftsmanship that has always distinguished the Cramaro production process and identity. Each product is made with the utmost attention to detail and with the manual skills of highly specialized professionals. The skilled hands of our experts are there in every production phase, from cutting, sewing and heat-sealing the tarpaulin to the assembly. The goal? An excellent product.

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