Custom solutions.

Each product is unique.

At Cramaro, we don’t make one-size-fits-all tarpaulin systems. Each product is the result of carefully listening to the needs of the customer combined with detailed design and customization.

Personalized consultancy

Our sales network features a widespread presence in the area and is ready to assist you in choosing the solution to meet your specific needs and for advice and technical questions.

Ad hoc design

In close collaboration with the sales network, our engineers study every single request and design the most suitable customized solution for your needs and the specific vehicle specifications on which the tarpaulin will be installed. Our goal is to ensure a functional and completely integrated product.


Cramaro tarpaulin systems can be customized and fitted with accessories featuring a variety of options to meet your needs. Available accessories vary depending on the product and can include side flaps for a more complete seal of the tarpaulin, rear closures with varying degrees of automation, bows of different heights to optimize load capacity and different tarpaulin material types, including an innovative multilayer fabric for thermal insulation of the load.

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