A driver for a better world.

We are investing in the future.

We believe that sustainability should be the basis for a new business model that can grow along with the social system and area where it is located. This is why we strive every day to make our production processes more sustainable and why we support social and environmental projects that contribute to the quality of life and protect the environment.

Our social commitment

We support our local area with initiatives for volunteer associations and amateur sports, as opportunities for social interaction and personal growth. For example, we donate our PVC and it takes on new forms and uses, from artisan creations to mats for high jumping. Because for companies, as for society as a whole, nothing should be thrown away and new resources can come from all kinds of waste.

Our green approach

Cramaro has a strong green track record. In all our offices and production sites we are committed to reducing single-use plastic consumption by opting for more sustainable solutions, even for small everyday things. For example, aluminium water bottles were distributed to all employees as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles and cups.
We have also set the goal for the company of reducing paper consumption by 50% through an intensive digitization process.

More sustainable packaging

The commitment to reduce the environmental impact has also informed the choice of packaging for our products. Through the use of eco-sustainable packaging or packaging obtained from recycled or recyclable materials we combine our green approach with optimal product protection.

Giving PVC new life: from used tarpaulins to unique bags

We work with the FREITAG company, headquartered in Zurich, to give old tarpaulins new life. Bags, backpacks, smartphone and laptop cases have been created from PVC; all unique, vintage and colourful pieces, that have now become true design icons. By recycling and reusing our materials, we help extend the life cycle of products and minimize waste, with a view to sustainability and circular economy.

Sustainable architecture

Our headquarters has been renovated with sustainability in mind by using technologies aimed at reducing its environmental impact, such as the LED lighting system and thermal insulation of the structure. Significant investments have also been made in the production of clean energy using a photovoltaic system that generates up to 10% of our energy needs.

Is investing in the future also important to you?

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