Performance means nothing without safety.

All the safety of Cramaro quality.

From the installation of the tarpaulin installation to its use and finally to road travel, at Cramaro we strive for all-around safety.

Installation safety

Cramaro tarpaulin systems stand out for their ease of installation, even on vehicle fleets in circulation. In order to ensure correct installation, each product is supplied with an installation, use and maintenance manual. Installation and support service is also available at Cramaro service points.

Load protection

Depending on the level of seal, our tarpaulin systems protect your load from atmospheric agents and from water and air infiltration. A special multilayer thermal insulating fabric is among the solutions offered by Cramaro for load protection.

Safety on the road

By reducing the risk of losing the load during transport, our tarpaulin systems contribute to your safety on the road in compliance with current regulations.

Environmental protection, lower consumption and noise pollution reduction

Our tarpaulin systems help reduce the risk of releasing volatile or atomized loads into the environment. The aerodynamics of our tarpaulins guarantee comfort and efficiency on the road by optimizing consumption and reducing noise pollution, especially transporting an empty covered container.

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