The right people in the right place.

A solid structure based on strong values.

We believe that an efficient corporate governance system, based on the principles of ethical integrity, transparency and reliability, is the foundation on which to build a principled business management able to create value.

The Board of Directors heads the governance structure of the Group and is responsible for the strategic direction and supervision of the business.

Code of Ethics

Convinced that the success of the company cannot disregard conducting ethical business, each and every in-house and external activity in the Cramaro Group revolves around observing the Code of Ethics.
The Group has implemented the code of conduct of Lifco AB, a Permanent Capital Swedish fund and majority shareholder of Cramaro Holding S.p.A.. The purpose is to guide the day-to-day activities of our staff in their relationships with stakeholders (other staff members, customers, suppliers, and shareholders) based on principles of integrity and good sense and in observance of the Groups fundamental values: Respect, Openness, and Pragmatism.

231 OMCM

In 2020, the Cramaro Group implemented the 231 Organisation, Management and Control Model (OMCM). In fact, we believe that the OMCM can constitute a valid instrument of awareness for all those who operate in the name and on behalf of the Group so that in the execution of their activities, they follow correct and linear behaviours, such to prevent committing unlawful acts and crimes.

Our values. Our commitment.

Respect, Openness, and Pragmatism are not just words in our Code of Ethics but rather values that we promote with our daily commitment in order to provide our customers with support in their work with tailor made solutions and constant service, every day and on any road. Our new corporate video embodies Cramaro values and tells the story and vision of a Group, which has never stopped believing in the centrality of the human being - the beginning and the end of all progress and innovation.

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